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About us

Just Lizards Incwas established in 1999. We are dedicated to Producing Quality Captive Breed Lizards with Superior Bloodlines.  We do our best to present our lines history accurately. 

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, When you purchase a lizard from us it doesn't just end at the sale,   We are VERY confident in  the health of our lizards and sexing them properly!     
We guarantee the sex of all our lizards (If  the lizard is not what we say it is we have no problem swapping the animal for the opposite sex.) The lizard will be of equal value and color. We also offer 100% Health guarantee for the first month after your purchase, But The Customer MUST Call or Email to Activate the guarantee and if there is any problem you must keep in contact with us so that we can be sure that all of the proper measures are being taken for the well being of the animal. There is No Money Back Guarantee, Only a Replacement  Lizard of equal or lesser value.

We also like to do a couple of other things for customers:
        Anyone who purchases a lizard from us is considered a customer of ours for life, which means you get first chance on any available lizards and you will also get our best  price.
        We provide a basic care sheet for all lizards purchased.  We always recommend doing your research first before purchasing your lizard. Please Call or Email Me with any questions on Care , Set up, or Breeding. ( This is something we pride ourselves on! )

We welcome and appreciate any emails or phone calls with ANY questions. We want our customers to feel comfortable asking us anything about their lizards.   

Just Lizards Inc.
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