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We would love to hear from you, We have added this page so that you can read about others that have bought from us, And also add your comments about your experience with us and your animal.  We also welcome any pictures of your animals and we will post them on this page.
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"Hi, I was going through my old papers and found the receipt for the bearded dragon that I bought from you guys at Mars in 05. She was an offspring of Skittles and Flame. Currently she is huge and well colored and has always been healthy. Anyway's, I was wandering if you guys would like some pictures of her sent over when she finishes shedding or if there is a customer comment page on your website because I have been very happy with my lizard." Thanks for your time and the great pet,


"We purchased a hypo pastel at the NY show we love him he  is exactly what we wanted nice, calm and VERY colorful  Thanks for all the help with the set up.  We are enjoying him "

Kim and Mark. 

"Thanks so much  We love our new dragon ~ You were so informative and helpful I just wanted to drop you a email to say thanks for everything ."

"Thanks for the great Gecko she is so pretty  We have her set up just as you explained and we were so grateful to all the time you spent going over  the stuff needed .  It really shows that you care about the animals you are selling
Keep up the good work producing the most vibrate Geckos I have ever seen ."

The Keller Family

Just  Lizards Inc
" WOW I love the new website design.   Pics are out of this world  JOKER  (Diablo Blanco )  is my favorite When will you have Hatchlings?  

" I cant wait to see what you have in the Australian Gecko section. "